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December 12th, 2011

So, here we are again.


Like I said, loving the writing thing – I find it fairly cathartic to just get my thoughts out and let them fly over the Internet.  And having people read them because, to be honest, while the writing is helpful thinking that my thoughts are falling on deaf ears isn’t exactly why I signed up for this behemoth.  Also, there’s no point if I’m writing in a vacuum.


The one huge downfall is SPAM.  Yes, that horrible nuisance that fills up your email with useless self promotion (of course THIS is useless self promotion) and links you to, mostly, a product that you don’t want and/or need.


What really bothers me though is that they’re not simple.  “Hi, saw your website and think you could use this can of DW-40″.  No, they write comments that could be construed as actual comments from real people.


Sprinkle apk writes, “An stimulating word is designer interpret. I believe that you should correspond statesman on this substance, it strength not be a preconception somebody but mostly grouping are not enough to talk on much topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your i AM scoundrel  » Blog Archive   » Reboot.”  Huh?  What?


I mean if you’re going to try sell me something – for God’s sake learn better English.


“I found this information to be really helpful.”  writes one on “Reboot“, my first blog in years.  Ummmm, yeah, there was actually no real information given, it was a piece on just getting back onto the world of blogging.


It’s fully understandable that the web is great place to promote your product (or in this case – my life) and I’m all for it but dammit, sometimes I don’t know if it’s just companies with some poor schmo, typing up comments so that their link is posted on your site.


Frustrating?  Hell, yeah.


I’ll be looking at a comment and wondering if it’s a real person or a bot.


For the ones who’ve actually read and posted and aren’t looking to plug vibrators or towel dryers (yes, towel dryers) and comment, thank you.   Overall the response has been incredibly positive.  Though Honey Believer on “It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White“  wrote, “Clueless.”  OK, I can deal with that.  And some have commented that while they find some of what I write interesting there are huge leaps in logic.  Again, I’ll buy that.


But 徵信 (yes that’s right – I have no idea either. Any people out there that know what this says, please let me know) writes, “His “affair”is a pain in your heart foreverAffair eventsAlthough the pieces of your heart,Although you love him, he does not value you,Although you pay so much, but did not return,”.


Now it’s certainly not fair to judge someone who can’t write English if it’s not their first language.  But when I look at the email it’s for discovery007.com.tw.  Don’t go there please, I don’t want to encourage it.


So that’s my dilemma.  Is this person actually struggling with English but wanted to post a comment or is it someone from a company trying to promote a product?


My mail box (the real one on the outside of my house, remember those?) has a sign, “No junk mail.”  I even say PLEASE.  And for the most part I don’t get them but the amount that is coming in my web mail is overwhelming me.


Of course, now having posted this I’m sure to get an influx of spam telling me how to get rid of spam.


So if you have commented and it’s not on here, or there’s been no response it’s because I thought it was probably junk mail.


If this has happened, don’t think me rude, I just thought you were a bot.





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18 Responses to “Spam-a-thon”

  1. mamma_buddha Says:


  2. robert Says:

    LOL, you fool! It is so frustrating though. Like I just went through that Towel Warmer one and they seem SO sincere but I’m just not sure if he’s a person or just a company.

  3. Paul Ellis Says:

    Ah Spam, beloved treat of the Hawaiians. Oh wait, you’re not talking about getting you mailbox stuffed with nitrite soaked pork like product, are you?

    The proliferation of spam of all sorts seems to be such a huge waste of time from the front end. I mean by that; are there really people out there stupid enough to click on a random link attached to an Email from an unknown address? Wait, that wasn’t a trick question, only a foolish one.
    Yeah, I guess there are enough fools out there who are far too ready to part with their money, or personal information to total strangers to make this stuff feasible.

    My own rule is this, unless I know that Address, it goes bye bye, unopened. Unsolicited material of any kind is not welcome. Its been the only way to deal with it.

  4. robert Says:

    Ahh but Paul, if I did that then I’d be deleting some of the sincere comments. By the way….When I checked my email I found this

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  5. DUI Lawyer Los Angeles Says:

    Interesting. I bookmarked this site and plan to return – thanks for the enlightenment!

  6. DW Garrett Says:

    LUV it almost as much as I luv YOU, Scoundrel! And, just for the record, I’m now DW-48! teehee

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    [...] In the mean time, I want you guys to check out the new and improved: http://iamscoundrel.com. [...]

  8. Scoundrel Says:

    LOL, OK. Glad you like.

  9. Scoundrel Says:

    Come back anytime! Thanks.

  10. Materace Says:

    very well written:) My rating 5 / 5 !!!

  11. Scoundrel Says:

    Thank you very much. Makes me very happy to hear that. Thank you for contacting me.

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  15. Scoundrel Says:

    Just through GoDaddy.com

  16. Dave Says:

    I’ve been fortunate. Not a single spam email outside of that dreadful ex of mine posting hate filled comments to my own space. Guess I should count my blessings.

  17. Scoundrel Says:

    I got home today to 79!!! And I put on the f*@%ing spam filter too! ARGHHHHHHH.

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